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Why the FUCK are finals held on days when class is not normally in session??! I chose Monday and Wednesday classes because I have to work all the other days.

WHO THE FUCK thought it was a good idea to make finals for these classes on a Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday? WTF? I WORK unlike the majority of these college students. I HAVE SHIT TO DO. *davisso’s scream*

Oh yeah, lets just make students take 3 days off because it’s completely okay to simply miss 3 days of work because they have nothing important like insurance and other monthly payments to pay for anyway. Let’s make life difficult for them because they have nothing else to stress about anyway. 


I’ve been craving these for the longest time!!

I’ve been craving these for the longest time!!

→ Anonymous whispered : Can you explain the concept of understeer in n00b terms?


It’s like when you turn the wheel but the car is like nah