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go faster (ducati 1199s) by craiggy13x on Flickr.

Next summer: Get my motorcycle license with my boys. 


go faster (ducati 1199s) by craiggy13x on Flickr.

Next summer: Get my motorcycle license with my boys. 

I have been doing pretty well at keeping myself on check when it comes to buying makeup or anything unnecessary for a really long time, but I finally decided to get a powder foundation (easier/faster application as opposed to liquid) since summer got my body tanned but not my face.

I was still looking like a mess from work (yoga pants, teeshirt, sneakers, makeup from 3AM, etc.) when I walked into Sephora and was greeted by the girl standing by the door. 

I browsed through the store to find a shade that would match my neck fairly well for little over an hour and in that entire time, I was not offered any help nor did any associate acknowledge that I was even there.
I work in customer service myself and when a customer happens to engage in eye-contact, you do not ignore them and walk away. Well, that happened a few times while I was there. It’s not that I needed help finding a shade or anything, but shit, you don’t look at them like deer in headlights. One associate reached over me without saying excuse me. RUUDE. I witnessed a girl call out to one of the associates and she just walked off on her merry ass way. If I heard the girl, she has got to hear her because she was closer than I was. At that point, I was just like, whatever, grab what I need and leave.

While I was walking around looking for my shade, I walked by the Hourglass section a few times to look at their ambient lighting powder since I’ve heard such good reviews on the product. I was there for a while deciding if I want to spend that much on a product. No one stopped to see if I had questions, nor did they stop by me at all. &the few that walked by, were too busy talking on their mic with the other associates. I decided to pick it up after much deliberation but the shade I wanted was all gone.
I know where they keep backups &an associate from another store a told me that I can grab the product myself from the drawers underneath if there isn’t any up top a long time ago. IDK if that’s allowed, but hey, I’ve seen people do it and no one was willing to help, so, that’s what I did. As soon as I opened the drawer, I hear someone saying “you might want to go see what she’s doing.”

OH! So NOW you want to see what I want. They thought I was stealing because the girl that walked over said “yeah, I’m looking at her right now.” Excuse me, but does it look like I CAN steal anything? Where would I put it? In my nonexistent pockets? In the basket with all the other things I planned to buy? If I were stealing, WHY would I steal from the drawer to make it hella obvious as opposed to the samples on display? Genius.

I don’t know if Sephora associates are trained only to give attention to those who LOOK like they will buy something and to suspect/ignore those who doesn’t, but it sure seems like it.
I never had a problem like that in the same store when I went in my “regular” clothes and makeup. If these girls were given an incentive to work, like commission, maybe they will be willing to help everyone &not just those who look like they belong in there.

I was so turned off. UGH. I can’t believe I still spent ~$200 there. Psssh, good thing none of them get commission from that purchase—rudeness.

are you toisan?

I’m American. lol great-grandparents are toisan though.

what’s your favorite concealer and day/night moisturizer?

Day moisturizer: Cetaphil moisturizer with SPF15
Night moisturizer: extra virgin coconut oil
Concealer: MAC Prolong wear

when is orenchi ramen opening in sf?

The poster says September. Since October is in a few days, it’s either already opened or will be opening in the next few days. 

what kind of heels do you think look nice for taking engagement photos?

It doesn’t matter what I think. Wear whatever makes you comfortable. 

where’s a good place to shop in the east bay?

No where, lol the east bay is boring. Stay in SF, much more options to choose from. 


Please, don’t be that person. Nobody likes that person.